Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Pink House

Last year we bought Princess Lollipop a wooden playhouse for the garden, and started to paint it and get it all "prettyfied."  However, Mr Messy fell ill and it was not a priority, so nothing more has been done to it for ages.

Drama Teen and Boyfriend offered to help out (for pay lol) doing jobs for me once they'd left College, so I set them to painting the Pink House.  The weather has been so atrocious that they only managed to get the inside finished, but at least that means we could get the flooring and furniture in!!

The Littlies break up from school on Thursday, and I didn't really want them "helping" with laying the vinyl flooring, so me and Drama Teen tackled it today.  We didn't have all the right tools - its impossible to find anything in Mr Messy's shed!!  So it was quite a slog, but despite all that we got it done :-)  We measured it and marked it for cutting (with a 12" ruler - which took ages!!).  Then I cut it with kitchen scissors and felt like my hand was breaking!!  But our best improvisations came when we started to put the floor down in the Pink House!!  I had deliberately cut the vinyl flooring a little larger than we needed, to make sure we didn't cut it short!!  However, it was just a tad too bit to lie flat - which we only found once we'd put it down on the floor and stamped on it a bit!!  And this made it impossible to pick it up again to trim it aaaaargh!!  We ended up using a combination of 2 pence coins, nail scissors and the kitchen scissors to move it and then trim it!!  Unconventional I admit - but it worked so I don't care :-)  We stapled it down so that it won't move once Princess Lollipop is in there playing, and then put all the furniture in.  Mr Messy has been teasing me for ages that I'd bought too much furniture for such a small playhouse - he keeps saying I'm expecting the "TARDIS" version of playhouse!!!  At first I was a bit panicky, because it didn't all seem to be fitting, and I'd hate to admit I was wrong lol, but after a bit of rearranging and jiggling it all fits in nicely :-)

Now all I have to do is make the curtains, sofa cushions and if the weather ever stays dry long enough finish painting the exterior :-)


Cabbage Queen said...

Ooooohhh wish I was there to join the fun and "play house" with you! You'd better send me some pictures when it's done!!!

Janet said...
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