Friday, 20 July 2012

Wednesday Woes

For some reason the Littlies School decided to change the date of the Leaver's Assembly from the traditional  last day of the Summer Term, to the penultimate day of the Summer Term.  As there is building work going on at the Village Church (which shares its name with the school) the Leaver's Assembly was held in the School hall too.  It was quite different, and due to too many people being crammed into the hall on a warm and sunny day, it was very hot and stuffy - I missed the chilly Church!!

Not only were the Year 6's leaving the school, but three (out of four!!) teachers were leaving too.  One of the teachers is the marvellous Miss D, who has taught Little Prince for the last four years, even changing the age group she teaches to allow her to continue to teach him.  She has been absolutely fantastic with him, and he adores her, and secretly she adores him too :-)  She is the School SENCO, and has been instrumental in helping Little Prince get a Statement that meets his needs, and in employing the two wonderful Teaching Assistants he has had so far.  Little Prince is devastated that his beloved teacher is leaving, and was visibly upset during the Assembly.  Not quite as visibly upset as Miss D, who barely made it through her "goodbye" speech, and who was openly crying :-(

The other two teachers who are leaving are Miss F, who was Little Prince's Reception Class teacher when she began at the school, I used to joke with her that if she could survive her year of teaching Little Prince, she could do anything :-)  And for the past few terms she has been jointly teaching Princess Lollipop, as Nursery and Reception are taught together for the most part.  So she is going to be another well loved member of staff we are going to miss.  Mr G is the final teacher to be leaving, he teaches Class 4, which Little Prince will move into after the holidays.  It has completely unsettled Little Prince to know that the teacher he was anticipating (and who in his words he was "just starting to get used to") is not going to be there either.  Luckily his lovely Teaching Assistant is staying put and will, hopefully, give Little Prince some sort of feeling of continuity, and keep him from being too unsettled when he returns to school in September.

The other Woe is that Little Prince was bullied while playing out after school.  The bully is a well known trouble maker, and has bullied Little Prince at school before, and is regularly sent home from school for his various misdemeanours.  As far as I understand Little Prince and two friends (who confirm his story) were playing at the Village Park, when Bully arrived and started hitting them all with a stick!!  He then stole Little Prince's shoe and pushed him into a ditch full of water, and threw his shoe in after him.   Little Prince arrived home covered in thick slimy mud and quite shaken up.  I was amazed that I managed to get his trainers clean they were in such a state to begin with, and I haven't even tried to tackle his shorts or t-shirt yet!!  Little Prince had to spend ages in the shower scrubbing the mud off, but seemed to be back to his normal, cheerful self after he emerged all clean and sparkling lol.

I am just SO MAD!!  How can anyone bully MY BOY!!!!  It took me ages to settle down to sleep as I couldn't stop my brain from whirring!!  Poor Little Prince, this was only the third time he ha been allowed the privilege of playing out unsupervised, and I don't want this spoilt for him.

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