Sunday, 18 November 2012

Making Models

This post isn't going to be what you think lol.

Mr Messy entered Princess Lollipop in a competition and she won - the prize was a spot catwalk modelling in a London Show!  Mr Messy and LMS accompanied the Mini Super Model to her catwalk assignment, Mr Messy had blagged a Press Pass for the show and LMS was Princess Lollipop's chaperone.

Princess Lollipop was very excited about travelling to London on the train, until she got on and realised she was waving bye bye to Mummy!  That didn't go down too well, but I think she cheered up after a while :-)  Although another disappointment was not being met at the London Train Station by the Queen lol.

When they got back Princess Lollipop was tired but very excited, and told me all about "making models" what she called modelling on the catwalk lol.  Apparently this Super Model doesn't like sharing the limelight, and kept telling her chaperone that she could "Do it myself now, you stay there"  And she was quite indignant that she only got one turn at walking down the catwalk, she obviously felt her public needed to see more of her lol.

But she was even more excited about having seen a REAL RACING CAR :-)  LMS said that Princess Lollipop saw the impressive looking car on display and then marched up to one of the men stood next to it (turns out he is the owner of the Car Company!) and, in a loud voice, said "Man! Excuse me, Man! Can I drive your car?"  Who could resist?!  Well "Man" certainly couldn't and we now have pictures of a VERY pleased with herself looking Princess Lollipop sat posing in the car :-)

Our local paper did a full page spread on Princess Lollipop's experience, and I have had so many people come up to me since saying they've seen it, and how beautiful she looked :-)  Of course I totally agree, but I'm not about to sign her up for a modelling career!!  She loved her day out, including "making models" but it was something fun and different for her to do - I don't want her to be constantly doing modelling as then it would become a chore, rather than a different sort of game to play.  I know she is gorgeous (and so does she lol) and if she wants to pursue modelling seriously when she's older that's fine, but as a 3 year old I just want her to have lots of fun doing all sorts of different things.

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