Saturday, 2 October 2010

Mega Busy Saturday

Princess Lollipop had her worst night yet! She tossed and turned and crawled over me all night! At one point she sat up in bed, I leant over to lie her back down and she started screaming "NO NO NO" at the top of her voice!! Thankfully she did eventually settle back down to sleep, well wriggly sleep, but at least it was sleep!! Mr Messy took her downstairs and left me in bed once it was obvious that she was awake and not going back to sleep. I had a glorious extra hour of undisturbed sleep - no being kicked, hit, poked or tickled with curls :-)

Drama Teen and Princess Lollipop eventually woke me up, so that Drama Teen could have a shower. I made her have the quickest shower ever, which is no mean feat as she practically lives in there!! Then I had to go out to a furniture shop in the nearby town to buy the office desks and chairs for OUR shop. I didn't have a lot of time as I had to get back in time for Drama Teen to get the 12 noon bus to go and meet her Boyfriend and go shopping. The desks and chairs were in huge boxes and weighed a tonne!! Thankfully a shop assistant helped me squish the boxes into my car. I had to have one of the chair's boxes on the passenger seat next to me, and its only because my car is automatic that I made it to OUR shop!! It was a cosy drive to say the least!!

I drove straight round to OUR shop and dropped the purchases off with Mr Messy for him to get them assembled and in position. While we were there one of LMS's school friend's Mum was walking past and came in for a look round and a chat, she said OUR shop was looking great :-) During the morning Mr Messy's framer had dropped off all the samples he's ordered for the shop, and they look FANTASTIC :-) He was also telling me that he got a booking this morning, someone just walked in and booked him to do a shoot - RESULT :-)

As soon as we'd got the boxes out of the car, I returned home with Little Prince and was just in time for Drama Teen to catch her bus :-) Phew!! It was time for Princess Lollipop's nap, so I was finally able to get my breakfast cum lunch :-) She had a long nap so was able to have a relax and play on the internet. Little Prince was playing with his new monster truck, mostly in the dining room so he could crash and bang it without waking his sister!!

Chaos returned when Princess Lollipop woke up, followed by Mr Messy returning home almost straight afterwards and that all threw Little Prince into a spin! He has been mega hyper all afternoon but he's only had me in tears once!!!

Drama Teen and Boyfriend arrived home from the shopping trip, and went straight upstairs!! After it became obvious that they weren't going to come and say "hello" or "we're home" we sent Little Prince up to get them!! Drama Teen was very contrite and said they were just putting her shopping away and would have come and said hello as soon as they were done!! I'm not sure I believe her and she's been told it was rude! This morning I gave her some money to buy a new coat and to buy Mr Messy's birthday present - when I found she had only spent some of that money I asked for my change!! I was quite cross to find that my change had got amalgamated into Drama Teen's own money and she'd spent it on cr*p!! I've told her I expect my change - even if she has to do a couple of hours ironing to pay me back!!!

I put Little Prince in a (fingers crossed!) soothing bath, we got about twenty minutes peace and quiet before he returned!! Luckily it was time for him to have his tea and then almost bedtime!! Drama Teen made his tea while she made hers and Boyfriends, which caused a huge meltdown from Little Prince as he wanted salmon fishfingers not ordinary ones! We then heard him messing about in the hall, but when we asked what he was doing he said nothing!! Minutes later we heard more crashing and messing, Mr Messy sprung up and ran to the hall and shouted at Little Prince - who then ran upstairs sobbing. Mr Messy had put some tools in the hall ready for me to take to OUR shop when I take Boyfriend home, and he had panicked that Little Prince was messing with them and going to hurt himself!! It took ages for Little Prince to calm down and then to persuade him to eat his tea!! He is now in bed reading the last chapter of his Harry Potter book, and is very proud of himself for reading it all, all on his own. And me and Mr Messy are so proud of him too :-) He's such a clever little lad :-) And hopefully that will show at school too once we finally get him some treatment for his ADHD.

I've got to take Drama Teen's Boyfriend home soon, and on the way home I'm calling at the supermarket and buying some snacks for Mr Messy to give out at OUR shop tomorrow. This will be our first "almost" open day lol. There is a big charity fun run in OUR shop's town, and all the businesses will be open, and we have been working our socks off to make sure we were ready to open our doors too. Not everything is in place, but enough to make it worthwhile opening :-) Especially if today's custom is anything to go by (two new customers before we've even opened!!). I've also got to get a birthday card for Little Prince's friend D, who's birthday party it is tomorrow. Hopefully I'll remember both things lol. We've then got to call round at OUR shop and drop off Mr Messy's tools before coming home. The whole of the town centre is going to be a no car zone tomorrow, so the more I can take tonight the less Mr Messy has to carry for miles tomorrow!!

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23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

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3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

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