Thursday, 7 October 2010


Mr Messy got up and took Little Prince to school, he insisted they walk and Little Prince wasn't happy at all! Unfortunately Little Prince's scooter was still at school, and Mr Messy doesn't like going by car so he had no choice. Mr Messy had to go in and help Little Prince find his jumper and retrieve his body warmer from J's Dad! While he was in school he spoke to Little Prince's teacher who said Little Prince had behaved very well indeed at the school trip and that she was very proud of him.

When Mr Messy got back we set off to go to Ikea to buy a filing cabinet for OUR shop. We needed petrol but the pump wasn't working at the garage, so that put Mr Messy in a foul mood, which wasn't helped by unclear signage at the motorway services which sent us the wrong way! I ended up shouting at him that he shouldn't take hsi mood out on everyone else, and he brought me some chocolate back from the garage shop :-)

Our journey to Ikea wasn't uneventful as we came off a junction early and had to find our way back to the motorway and find the right junction! Finally we got there and parked the car. After all his impatience during our journey I was pleasantly surprised that Mr Messy was very receptive to mooching round the shop and exploring all the different room layouts. We had a look at the filing cabinet we had chosen on the website when we came to the office furniture department, and it was just what we need. High enough for us to be able to keep the kettle and cafetiere on it and out of reach of Princess Lollipop, but not so high that we won't be able to reach. We then had to find the files that fit the drawers which was a bit of a pain, they were nowhere near the filing cabinets! Next we came to the cafe and had to stop there for Swedish meatballs, and Daim Bar Cake :-) Princess Lollipop wasn't impressed with meatballs, but she loved the fries and cake!! We didn't find anything interesting in the children's department, but found lots of good stuff in the "marketplace." We've got jars for keeping tea/coffee/sugar in and a different style jar for biscuits, although I later realised I should have bought two of those - one for biscuits and one for healthy snacks! Its too far to drive just to get another matching jar, so I'll have to wait till we need to go back again.

We had to drive round to the warehouse collection point at the back of Ikea to retrieve our filing cabinet, that I was shocked to see was flat packed! I had thought it was a coated metal one, but apparently its wooden and needs home assembly! It weighs a TONNE and I'm really glad I didn't come and get it on my own, I don't think I would have been able to get it in the car! There was nowhere to park anywhere near OUR shop, so we decided to leave the filing cabinet in the car and take it to the shop later this evening when there is no one parked outside. We need to go to the supermarket today and get the last bits for the shop, so that will be a perfect opportunity. We will get Little Prince tucked up in bed and leave Drama Teen babysitting and will probably take Princess Lollipop with us so that Drama Teen can get on with her college homework.

Mr Messy dropped me and a fast asleep Princess Lollipop off at home, and then went back to OUR shop to meet with a prospective wedding client. He is going to stay there and wait for Drama Teen to meet him after college again, so that they can order takeaway pizzas and bring them home with them. I think he's also having some more samples delivered from his framer too.


Whatshername's Mummy said...

Hey you!
Sat nav as a late birthday / early Christmas present?
Love from Wales,
K xxx

Janet said...

Hi :-)
The stupid thing is we both have one and didn't bother taking either out with us!!!
Love to you in Wales


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