Saturday, 13 November 2010


Today is Mr Messy's last day at his ordinary job, as his contract is working for the government and they are making sweeping cutbacks, his contract has been ended early. He has been discussing with his boss the possibility of returning part time (3 days per week) after Christmas, as the department now has a serious shortage of expertise and that would suit is great, as it would allow Mr Messy to grow his photography business, without getting so stressed by trying to do two full time jobs, and between both the businesses we will have enough money to pay all our bills :-) Win win situation, fingers crossed it works out :-)

Me and Princess Lollipop dropped Little Prince off at school and then went over to OUR shop. Once again we had a pretty quiet day, the weather definitely plays a huge part in how many customers we have. We were both surprised when Mr Messy walked in!! There weren't many people in his office so he finished early. Me and Princess Lollipop had to leave soon after to go and collect Little Prince from school. School had been to the local church to have a Remembrance Service, but due to being in the shop I hadn't been able to attend that. When we got to school the children that hadn't gone home with their families straight from the service, were all in the playground playing football with the teachers. When Little Prince saw us park the car, he ran to get his coat and came straight over.

We had to rush home and get him ready for his swimming lesson before driving off to the lesson. Mr Messy met us at the swimming pool car park to collect Princess Lollipop and take her to OUR shop while I watched Little Prince have his lesson. He was in a very energetic mood and I just laughed when his teacher said she'd try and tire him out! She did have him swimming up and down the pool to dive at each end, and at one point he decided to "corkscrew" to the other end - its probably a stroke only Little Prince could invent or carry off!! After his lesson we called round at OUR shop to see Mr Messy and Drama Teen, Little Prince got a bit over excited so we didn't stay too long!

When we were finally all at home Mr Messy set up a "facetime" chat with LMS, it was lovely to see her and hear her voice. Although I didn't get too much time to hear her as Little Prince went really crazy with excitement and everything got load and chaotic! LMS said it felt like she was really here!! We were supposed to try again later, but Mr Messy went to bed with Princess Lollipop and I don't have an iPhone (because I don't want one!).

I stayed up late watching tv on my own, I just needed some "alone time" I'm beginning to feel like I'm being suffocated by everyone again. I have Princess Lollipop rolling over and wanting hugging all night, and then she is so clingy and wanting "Up Mummy" all day too. Then when Little Prince comes home from school he wants Mummy too, we end up all three of us squashed up on the sofa together and until I diet there's not really enough room!!


Anonymous said...

Might want to re-read and edit the post Mum, you wrote "surface" instead of "service", and you named little bro :P Distracted much? LMS xxxx

Janet said...

Fixed thank you :-) And yes very distracted!!


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