Monday, 15 November 2010


Today we started off a new routine, Mr Messy got Little Prince ready and walked up to school with him and I got Princess Lollipop ready. And what a wonderful day for her to have a bit of a lie in :-) And I also had time to let her eat her breakfast using the spoon herself, rather than feeding her. She takes a looooong time to do this, so when I have to get both littlies ready in time to get Little Prince to school its not usually possible. Hopefully having Mr Messy here in the mornings, will mean she can practice her self feeding skills and speed up, so that on the days he isn't here she can still feed herself.

I then took her up for her bath and hair conditioning, and she didn't cry at all. This new conditioner is definitely suiting her hair at the moment :-) It so nice to be able to comb through her hair without her screaming and getting all upset! When she was all shea buttered and dressed we got in the car and drove to OUR shop. Mr Messy had been planning to make a trip to the DIY shop to get some light bulbs for Little Prince's bedroom and the supplies he needs to fix the flooring in OUR shop. The flooring near the door isn't fixed in properly and bounces when people come in the shop, so Mr Messy is going to fix it this week.

We got two bookings for photoshoots today, unfortunately they both want the same time on the same day! So I have to ring one of them and see if we can move it back half an hour or so. Our framer also called in to drop off some framing we had done for customers, and we had a couple more enquiries about framing too. Princess Lollipop had a HUGE tantrum when Mr Messy came back from the Bakery with his lunchtime sandwich and hadn't brought her a cake! So I had to take her for a walk up there to get one to calm her down!

Princess Lollipop was still fast asleep when it was time for me to go and pick Little Prince up, so I left her with Mr Messy and drove up to get him on my own. I arrived at school early so I had a few quiet moments to read my book, heavenly :-) Little Prince was upset that his friend D was busy so he couldn't play at D's house, and we were busy so D couldn't come to our house either. But in comparison to other times this has happened he was fairly calm about it, a very welcome change :-) When we got home me and Drama Teen got some of the dead bulbs out of Little Prince's light fitting and it turned out they were the same ones that are used in the kitchen light fitting, so we don't need to buy any of those. I could only remove two of the bulbs, so I replaced those and Mr Messy will have to help with the others. Then I got Drama Teen to get one of her bedroom light fitting bulbs out as she had a couple of dead ones too. They aren't like any we have "in stock" so we took it with us to give to Mr Messy to take the DIY shop.

Little Prince was not very happy at going to OUR shop, and complained most of the way there. He was fairly wild when we got there too, and got told off which made him kick out at the coffee table, which got him told off even more!! Princess Lollipop was in a foul mood and this was made worse by Little Prince's wild behaviour. It was bedlam when a customer called in!! Luckily she was a Mum herself and understood!! Just after Mr Messy left another customer called in to talk about having a photograph making into a canvas for her Mum for Christmas. She is going to bring the photograph in so Mr Messy can check the quality and see what can be done with it.

Mr Messy left early with Drama Teen to take her to meet her Boyfriend at an American/Italian style restaurant. He dropped her off there and then went on to the DIY shop. He called later to say he'd managed to get everything he needed to fix OUR shop's floor and a couple of multipacks of bulbs to change over the ones in Drama Teen's bedroom. He was then going to call in a different restaurant to Drama Teen and her Boyfriend to get something to eat while waiting for them to finish.

At 5pm I had had enough of the littlies screeching at each other, and Princess Lollipop messing about on Mr Messy's computer and we shut up shop and walked down to the chippie. As our oven at home is still broken I thought it would be a lot easier than trying to cook! We took the chips etc home to eat although Princess Lollipop refused to eat her cod bites and ate my chips instead! I asked Little Prince to empty the dishwasher, but he saw something outside in the dark and refused to finish it as he said he was too scared. I managed to persuade him to finish the job eventually, and I'm proud of how brave he was :-)

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25th May 2009 - See New Child again & Court Date

23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

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3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

26th February 2009 - Dossier sent to Ethiopia

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28th November 2008 - Certificate of Eligibility ISSUED

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