Sunday, 14 November 2010


Mr Messy was up and out early as usual this morning. He was off to OUR shop to give LMS a FaceTime tour of the place, and with the time difference he had to be there early and she had to stay up late. Apparently she enjoyed her "tour" and loves how it all looks, so it was worth it :-) He had three lifestyle shoots of children to do today, but due to Winter sniffles, two children were too ill to come and cancelled. This did however, give him a lot of quiet, relaxed time to get his backlog of editing done :-)

I stayed at home with the children, I got Drama Teen to give the littlies their breakfast while I got a much appreciated shower :-) Then we all had to pile into the car and take Drama Teen to the cinema to go and see a film with her Boyfriend. There wasn't enough time for me and the littlies to get home, so first we went to the nearby supermarket and were finally successful in buying my newest, still nameless niece a present :-) Two lovely outfits :-) I also managed to find Little Prince a new pair of trainers to take to school for PE, I didn't want to spend a fortune as he'll only wreck them and they had to be velcro fastening, which is getting more and more difficult to find in his size! Then we drove over to a nearby Outlet Centre where the littlies could run around in the playground and get rid of some of that excess energy. It was a bit chilly and wet, but they both had lots of fun, till their meany Mum decided it was time to go!! Little Prince was complaining of being starving hungry so I got them both a meal at the next door drive through cafe, we didn't have time for anything else as we were due to pick up Drama Teen and her Boyfriend very soon.

When we got over to the cinema Drama Teen and her Boyfriend were already outside waiting for us. When Drama Teen saw the littlies eating their food, she decided she was hungry too!! So we had to make another stop at a different drive through cafe!! Boyfriend had said he would sit in the back between Little Prince and Princess Lollipop - when he was trying to juggle his food, their food and being deafened by Little Prince playing on his meal's toy - a screachy kazoo!!

When we got home, I had to rush round getting Little Prince ready to go to his friend J's birthday party, wrap the present and write the card! Then I had to leave a crying Princess Lollipop with Drama Teen and Boyfriend to deal with, while I took Little Prince to the party. It was a bowling party, and as last time we took him bowling he had a complete meltdown at losing, I had to be on hand to stay with him. J's Mum had been worried about how to help Little Prince cope, and had been planning to group the children so that he would be in a very small group and not have to wait too long for his next turn. I was very touched by her thoughtfulness, its lovely when people recognise Little Prince has difficulties and don't just automatically decide he is too difficult to deal with, and that seriously think of ways to help him :-) Thank you J's Mum, I truly appreciate it.

There were a different number of children than J's Mum had thought would turn up, so it took a bit of sorting to decide who was going on which lane! In the end J's big sister and her two friends were on one lane, the four boys at the party were in another and the four girls at the party on another. The boys were supervised by J's Dad, and played really well together and when the staff turned on the disco lights and the glow in the dark pins!! J looked round in wonder and exclaimed " THIS is for MY birthday. For ME" the whole world revolves around you when you are 7 :-) The boys completed their first game and thought it was all over, they weren't that impressed to be playing a second game and started to mess about. Little Prince wanted to use the really heavy adult balls and threw a strop when I wouldn't let him. J got in trouble for messing about and stormed off. When he came back he and Little Prince started a game of tig, which rapidly devolved into a pushing and shoving match!! Then J's Mum came back from the loo laughing, she'd just marched into a cubicle and when she came out to wash her hands noticed the urinals!! She ran out of the GENTS to the ladies to wash her hands lol. Not long after the staff came over to say it was time to go and eat, there was a bit of a kerfuffle over who was sitting where, but it all got sorted eventually and they ate their meal. Then the boys went running round until the got corralled by J's Dad to play in the arcade part for a while. Once Little Prince and J had finished their race, J manned the throttle and Little Prince was steering, and they co-operated very well, especially as it was the end of an exciting party!

When we arrived home downstairs was empty! Mr Messy's car was outside so I guessed he had taken Princess Lollipop to bed and fallen asleep himself, and I was right. Drama Teen and her Boyfriend were watching TV programmes on her laptop in her room. Mr Messy and Princess Lollipop came down about half an hour later, and Princess Lollipop glued herself to my side and hardly left it for the rest of the day! Although it was Daddy she wanted to feed her her tea, which made him feel better as he gets upset by the way she rejects him if I'm here.

Drama Teen and her Boyfriend made their tea, and then they kindly made the littlies tea too. And with Mr Messy feeding Princess Lollipop and supervising Little Prince it meant that I could have a break from the constant mothering I've had to do lately. It felt so good :-) Then it was time to get Little Prince in bed and for Mr Messy to take Drama Teen's Boyfriend home. As we hadn't had time to eat ourselves he got something on the way home and I got myself a sandwich after I'd got Princess Lollipop in bed. Then I watched Ty Pennington's Homes for the Brave, a programme where Ty makes over injured servicemen and women's homes. The channel was showing quite a few episodes of this series as a tribute for Remembrance Sunday.

When Mr Messy got home we watched the end of our annual obsession programme - I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Good honest celebrity humiliation, and the best bit - Ant and Dec :-) Although I think they should change the name from "celebrity" to something else - we had to look up who they all were we didn't recognise a single one!!

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