Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Mr Messy is working from home today, so that the Car Body Shop can come and pick his car up, as arranged by the Insurance Company. He got up with Little Prince and got him ready for school, while me and Princess Lollipop snuck a few extra moments in bed. Eventually I did have to get up, as I needed to ring the Doctors at 8pm to get an appointment with our GP, if you don't ring up as soon as the Surgery opens its impossible to get to see him, he is so good that he is incredibly popular and very busy. I got Princess Lollipop into her bath, and then rang the Surgery, unfortunately I'd been misinformed last week, and our Doctor is working in our village's Surgery and not the one near to OUR shop! As our village's Surgery doesn't open till 8.30am I was told I had to ring back after then to get an appointment. At least it gave me time to sort out Princess Lollipop's bath and hair before I needed to ring back. After I'd smothered Princess Lollipop in Shea Butter, Mr Messy got her dressed while I got myself ready for the day. Once I was downstairs it was time to ring the Surgery again, I was given an appointment at 10.30am, which means OUR shop will be opened late, but our family is a priority, so it will just have to happen.

I pootled around the house tidying up the kitchen and getting other bits of jobs done (and ok I admit it, checking my social networking site!) before I went over to the Surgery. I had quite a long wait, even though I got there on time, our Doctor takes as much time as each patient needs so his Surgeries always run late! While I was waiting L came in. She was at school with LMS and Drama Teen and a good friend of Drama Teen's for quite a while, while she was at school. A few months ago, me and Mr Messy had helped her out and waited with her for the ambulance to arrive when she had a motorbike accident across the road from our house. At the Surgery L came over and made a point of thanking me for what we did for her that night! Anyone would have done the same thing, the poor girl was so scared and in so much pain, and even if she had been a stranger we would have done the same thing. We had a quick chat, and she told me that she was recovering well now, she was on crutches and limping (she badly injured her ankle in the accident) she explained that she'd had to have a skin graft onto her ankle, which then got infected, but it was all healing up now. She has rented a flat very close to our house, so I told her to make sure she keeps in touch and lets us know when her baby is born - wonder if she'll let me babysit :-) It was so lovely to see her and see that she is ok, I've been really worrying about her since it happened but didn't know how to get in touch to find out if she was ok.

When it was finally my turn I explained to our Doctor that I'd chased up his urgent re-referral to Little Prince's original Paediatrician and been told he couldn't see him again, and that Little Prince would have to wait around 8 months from now, for his follow up appointment with the CAHMS ADHD Unit. I said that the Paediatrician had recommended that Little Prince get referred to the other local hospital where he might be seen sooner, and that I'd contacted that hospital and they assured me that Little Prince would be seen at the new patient clinic early in the New Year. Our GP asked if this was what we wanted to do, and I said a resounding yes!! He dictated Little Prince's referral into his dictaphone there and then, and said it was to be considered urgent. He was very very apologetic that we had been left "ping ponging" (his words!) round the system for so long! He also said he wouldn't cancel Little Prince's original referral (the one that is going sooo slowly) until I had assured him I am happy with the new hospital and the treatment/timescales they offer. I love our Doctor :-)

I got back home, had a quick chat with Mr Messy about what had happened and the referral that was going to be made. We are now both hopeful that this coming December will be the last one where we have to try and manage Little Prince's escalating out of control behaviour on our own without support. We thought that last year too, fingers crossed its true this time!! Then I got Princess Lollipop ready to go and we drove down to OUR shop.

Compared to how dead it was yesterday in OUR shop, today has been quite busy already :-) We've had a couple (and the prospective Groom's sister and gorgeous little niece) come in to enquire about photographing their wedding between Christmas and New Year. Then a Mum from a recent shoot came in to pick up a disc of images to chose what pictures she wanted. She's a teacher and said she's not getting any marking done tonight, her and her Mum are going to sit down with a bottle of wine and go through the pictures to chose what they want. It was absolutely pouring it down, so she stayed to chat while it cleared up a little and she was raving about how great the photoshoot with Mr Messy was and what a great bargain for the price :-) She also said she thought our canvas/framing prices were very reasonable and she had just been very impressed with the whole service :-) That's what we like to hear :-)

I rang Mr Messy to let him know about the wedding enquiry and double check he had the date available, which luckily he does :-) He asked if I'd taken contact details for the couple, and I had to admit I hadn't! So when I saw, who I later found out was the Groom's sister/niece, visiting the playgroup at the Church over the road I made sure I kept an eye on the window to try and catch her when she came out. Princess Lollipop was fast asleep by this point, so when I saw the lady leaving the Church I dashed outside to chat with her. I explained that the Hire Company couldn't find our village and Mr Messy didn't know when he would be able to get to the shop (totally true!!) and asked if I could take the prospective bride and groom's name and phone number and get Mr Messy to ring them. She came in and gave me the details, unfortunately her little girl (only a month or so younger than Princess Lollipop) started to yell that she wanted to go in the car, and that woke Princess Lollipop up. It took a while to get her settled back down, and I had just laid her back in her sleeping bat when Mr Messy arrived - of course that was it, she had to see Daddy and they've now walked down to the bakery to get him a sandwich and cake for lunch.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear L is doing good :) I found her on the social networking site and shot her a message just afterwards, but I hadn't heard from her since :) LMS xoxoxxoxo

Janet said...

It was so lovely to see her up and about and hear that her baby was ok :-) I gave her a big hug and told her to keep in touch :-) She said she'd replied to one of you on the social networking site, but couldn't remember which one lol! Perhaps it was Drama teen and she's forgotten to let me know!?!
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

She did reply, I just meant that I hadn't heard from her AFTER that lol Very glad her and the baby are alright :) LMS xoxoxo


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