Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Another lovely slow start to the day, Mr Messy sorted Little Prince out and went over to OUR shop leaving me to get Princess Lollipop ready and go down to OUR shop later. Little Prince's school were celebrating Eid ul Adha and the children were allowed to go to school in "party clothes" Little Prince chose to wear his new jeans, trainers and his hoodie with the flag of his birth father's country on. He was very excited that school were celebrating an Islamic festival as he is identifying more and more with his Muslim heritage.

Princess Lollipop was excited to be going to OUR shop to see her Daddy, but it looked warmer than it was and we got in the car without coats! We were frozen after just the short walk from where we park to OUR shop!! And we didn't really warm up all day!! Mr Messy was working on catching up on his editing and got loads of work done, although he did seem to have ants in his pants too and kept going out for walks! Sometimes with Princess Lollipop and sometimes on his own. Princess Lollipop loves going off for walks, but she came back feeling like a block of ice it was so chilly outside!

We went to the nearby chip shop for some lunch rather than get cold sandwiches to eat, we needed to warm up somehow! Princess Lollipop enjoyed sharing our chips, or "hot hots" as she calls them. After lunch I decided to try and get her back in her more usual routine, so that she goes to bed at a reasonable time tonight. She wasn't so keen on this idea and it took ages to settle her down. She did have a good nap of about an hour, before the phone rang and disturbed her. She was obviously not ready to wake up so I managed to settle her down for another half an hour or so, and she woke up a lot happier the second time.

We left Mr Messy in OUR shop while me and Princess Lollipop went to collect Little Prince from school. Little Prince's teacher came over to talk to me, she told me that they had had a special Eid assembly and that Little Prince answered all the questions and then showed everyone his doll that says Islamic phrases. He had been given a sticker for being the "Star of the Day" I am very proud of him. Little Prince told me that they had eaten Muslim sweets and that he liked them, because he is a Muslim :-) Somehow Little Prince persuaded me to let his friend J come over to play, I had initially said no as we needed to sort out Little Prince's bedroom, but the boys pulled such pathetically sad faces I gave in!

For once Little Prince and J played fairly well together, they were banned from going up to Little Prince's tip of a bedroom though! I did find, after J had gone home, that the snack they had got themselves included pizza decorated with chocolate and ice cream sprinkles! They also played on the Wii, which pleased Princess Lollipop no end, as she tried to join in! They were just starting to bicker and fall out when J's Dad arrived to collect him. The boys chose then to start a play fight, which Princess Lollipop just sat beside and ignored as if it was the most normal thing ever lol.

Mr Messy and Drama Teen arrived soon after J had gone home, timed deliberately I think lol. Princess Lollipop dragged Drama Teen off to the kitchen for "more dint" (more drink) as soon as she sees Drama Teen she starts saying "more dint, more dint." Princess Lollipop was tired and grumpy and threw some spectacular tantrums, I think she'll be having an early night!


Whatshername's Mummy said...

Loving the daily updates and delighted to hear that Mr Messy is now fulltime photoing, a very good choice!
Have you tried the Jojo fleece ponchos for PL, DD1 loves them and they're so quick and easy to put on.
K xxx

Janet said...

Hi K,
Its much better for everyone having Mr Messy as a full time photographer, he's not driving for hours every day and trying to fit two full time jobs into one day! He's a lot more relaxed already :-) And we get to see him too :-)
The Jojo fleeces look lovely and they're on offer right now :-) They look so warm and snuggly too :-) Thank you :-)


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