Thursday, 1 September 2011


This morning was horrendous, which was VERY puzzling as Little Prince had been given his medication. I was nearly in tears most of the morning, especially when Mr Messy and Drama Teen went out to OUR shop and were out for well over an hour. I couldn't believe Little Prince's wildness, how could he be like this when his medicine had been working so well?!?!

I took Little Prince upstairs with me for a chat, and to separate him from Princess Lollipop (they were winding each other up so much!). During our chat, Little Prince admitted he had spat out his medicine this morning, which to be honest was a huge relief. I explained that it could be dangerous for Little Prince to do that, as I would then tell his Paediatrician that the medicine wasn't working and he would prescribe stronger tablets, which could be dangerous as Little Prince wouldn't actually need them!! He seemed to take all this in, and was very upset that he'd been so silly! At least I know that his medicine DOES still work and can stop panicking!!

As Little Prince hadn't fully calmed down I took Princess Lollipop to Tiny School on my own. As we pulled up she started to say she "needed Mummy" and she was still saying this as I left her! The staff do a very brisk (but caring) handover and I left Princess Lollipop, listening to her saying she "needed Mummy" and getting higher and higher. It seemed a long two hours before I could pick her up!! I think this "easing in" is as much for me as it is for Princess Lollipop!! When I did pick her up she did a very short sob in my arms, and then jumped down and said she didn't want to come home yet! She then marched off back into the house with her arms firmly crossed, saying she just had to finish something lol. I managed to persuade her to come home, and she was much happier chatting away about what she'd done, and very excited that she will be having lunch at Tiny School tomorrow :-)

We then had to wait for Drama Teen's Doctor's appointment to finish, she has been suffering from very similar symptoms to Mr Messy and is getting worried that she has pneumonia too. Luckily the doctor said she "just" has a viral infection and should drink lots of water to help her recover, I'm so relieved that I haven't got two seriously ill ones.

Princess Lollipop demanded that Little Prince go outside and play on the trampoline with her, so they are both out there playing nicely (for now!). I have been left in charge of Peach (Little Prince's favourite doll) and have had to give her, her milk, sandwich and get her to sleep for her nap! Little Prince treats Peach as an extra family member and is now getting quite stroppy that Princess Lollipop is being loud in the lounge and might wake Peach up!!

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Whatshername's Mummy said...

4 months! C'mon where's your new year's resolution? Xxx


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